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Traditional Submissions
Electronic Submissions
Engagements, Weddings, Anniversaries
Send us your engagement, wedding or anniversary announcements for publication. There is never a charge and to make it easier, download one of our handy forms, fill it out and mail it to us or drop it off in person.

Traditional (printed or hard copy) submissions

  • Deadline: Monday at noon
  • Readership: 6,500, primarily in Richland County
  • Published every Thursday


  • No pre-printed graphics that contain shaded areas are suitable for publication. Solid black graphics can be reproduced from printed material if the copy is clean and the ink is dark and consistent. No copyrighted material will be accepted.
  • Faxes are not suitable for reproduction and should only be sent as a guideline or proof. Photocopies will be used at the discretion of our Production Dept.
  • Color artwork can be converted to black & white if the color is solid and dark (no shading).


  • Color and black & white accepted.
  • Photos clipped from newspapers or magazines are not accepted.
  • For best results, submit only true photographic prints for reproduction.
  • Digital prints are accepted but they will result in less than optimal quality when reproduced because they contain a dot pattern that is not visible to the eye but can be seen by our scanners.
  • We prefer that a small piece of paper containing the photo ID and any other pertinent information be taped to the back of the print. If you must write on the back of the photo use a quick-drying pen like a Sharpie marker — do not use a pencil or ballpoint or generic felt-tipped pen.
  • Photographic prints will be returned if a self-addressed stamped envelope is provided.
  • We reserve the right to refuse photos that are damaged, of poor quality or contain objectionable content.

Electronic Submissions

Email Guidelines

  • Send all editorial submissions to:
  • Send all advertising submissions to: We will reply with a confirmation of receipt.
  • Email messages must have a title (many email programs will not transmit an email message without one).
  • In the message portion of your email include a description of what is attached and contact information including name, phone number, e-mail address, insertion dates (for advertising) and any other pertinent information.
  • Please do not name your file attachment something like “Tribune Ad.” We request that the name of your file attachment reflects its content. If an advertisement, please include the name of the business in the file attachment name.


  • We prefer composite graphics be submitted in PDF format. When generating a PDF, be sure all fonts are embedded and the color space is either grayscale or CMYK. Be prepared to send the original files if there is a problem with your PDF.
  • Please send a fax to back up your electronic transmission.
  • Quark files are accepted, but all native files must be submitted including fonts and graphics.
  • We accept graphics in .tif, .jpg, .bmp or .eps formats. We do not accept any graphics in .gif format.
  • We do not accept photos or graphics downloaded from a web page.
  • We do not accept native MS Publisher files. If you compose your ad in Publisher, save it as a .tif file.
  • Black & white raster line art must be at least 600 dpi at final usage size.
  • Grayscale and color raster materials must be at least 200 dpi at final usage size.
  • B&W or color raster line art must be in either .tif bitmap or Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) format at 600 dpi.
  • Vector art (such as produced by a drawing program like CorelDRAW, FreeHand or Illustrator) produces the best graphics and the file sizes are very small. Black & white or color vector art is accepted in .eps format or in native Illustrator (.ai) format for Mac. Please convert all fonts to outlines before sending vector graphics.
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